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This KORG Minilogue mod channels the soul of the Commodore SX-64

Just when you thought we’d reached peak nostalgia, Swedish designer Love Hultén has upped the ante with his new mod for the KORG Minilogue, the Carrier 37. It’s a stunning homage to the Commodore SX-64, a device from the medieval period of personal computers.

The SX-64 was an ungainly device, with a keyboard and a separate briefcase-shaped unit which housed the screen and computer. While the computer didn’t exactly set the world alight on its release, the form factor works a treat for the Minilogue.Korg Minilogue Mod

The Commodore SX-64 was an obscure computer from the ’80s and not an obvious choice for a tribute. But this new mod for the KORG Minilogue works oh so well.

Love Hultén is a designer that specializes in one-of-a-kind objects, creating unique fusions with traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. His timber case for the Minilogue is a perfect example of the meeting of the new and old, transforming the synth into a true collector’s item.

True to the SX-64’s format, keyboard and synth are separate units, with connections between made by that authentically ’80s coiled cable. Otherwise, it’s a fully functioning Minilogue, with the layout of controls matching the synth.

Best of all, at the end of your session, you can pack it up inside its beautiful box.

Head over to Love Hultén’s website to keep up to date with all his projects.