This legend had their Stormtroopers put up their Christmas tree

As we take our first step into December, children and adults alike are fervent with anticipation for what will be the biggest day of the year. No, it isn’t Christmas. It’s December 17, the day Star Wars: The Force Awakens races like the Millennium Falcon into theatres. But to celebrate this momentous month in style, this one legend has captured their Stormtroopers putting their Galactic Empire training to the test and assembling a Christmas tree. Yes, it is awesome.

Stormtroopers have often copped a fair, and justified amount of flak for their poor sharp shooting skills, inability to drive speeders and general clumsiness. But here one fan Kyle Shearrer has put his troops to work assembling his Christmas tree. Like the hostile conditions of the icy Hoth their mission is fraught with danger, from construction difficulties, to open electrical sockets, to getting caught sleeping on the job. Click through the gallery to check it out!

First seen via Nerd Society X