This plumber-turned-furniture designer built a secret studio underneath a goddamn bridge

Once a plumber, Spanish man Fernando Abellanas turned his passion for furniture into a career, and a secret studio. He set out to build for himself an ingenious creative space, free from distractions and visitors. What better place for this than… under a bridge.

The office itself is bolted to the walls of the underpass with a crank system in place to move from one end of the bridge to the other.

The office and its furniture is completely bolted to the wall, with the floor zipping in below, held up by a wheeled pulley system.

The artist allowed for a photographer to capture just how phenomenal this project looks, however he was sworn to secrecy; the artist revealed “The project is an ephemeral intervention… [It will remain] until someone finds it and decides to steal the materials, or the authorities remove it.”

For now, here is some inspiration for those of us daring to dream of such an adventurous and risky project.

[via Bored Panda]