This simulator lets you scroll down to the bottom of the ocean and explore all the cooked creatures

Ever find yourself daydreaming about the mysteries of the sea? Wondering just what peculiar creatures lurk in the depths of the vast ocean? No? Well now you can, with The Deep Sea simulator you didn’t ask for.

Computer Scientist and Creative Coder, Neal Agarwal, has created a deep-sea simulation that allows users to (somewhat endlessly) scroll down towards the very bottom of the ocean floor – all the way down to the Challenger Deep that sits at 10,924 metres, passing the deep blue’s many weird and obscure animals along the way.

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Goblin Shark- Photography: Julian K Finn / Museum Victoria

Hump day have you feeling stagnant? Explore the depths of the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it with this interactive deep-sea simulator.

At 4 metres sits the humble Atlantic Salmon, at 55 metres we see the rather flamboyant Leafy Sea Dragon, at 1,112 metres we meet the Orange Roughy (a deep-sea fish that has a life span of up to 200 years). At 4,500 metres is… ok you get it.

As the scroll goes deeper, the animals get increasingly creepy – and their names accordingly creative. Some honourable mentions go to the Goblin Shark, the Black Swallower, the Scaly-Foot Snail, and the Glass Sponge – all of which would make for some pretty alright band names if you ever find yourself in need.

To do some deep-diving for yourself, head here. And if you’re after some more fun little interactive tidbits, check out the rest of what the site has to offer here.