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This Stratocaster is made entirely out of matchsticks

Body, neck, knobs, even the jack socket: all made from matchsticks. British luthier Dean Fraser has manufactured a Fender Stratocaster style electric guitar with a humble material and endless patience.

While British luthier Dean Fraser was in the military, he was issued matchsticks as part of his ration pack. Accumulate enough of these over 18 years (around 40,000 apparently), and you’ve got the materials to build an amazing Strat-style guitar.

The Stratocaster is, of course, an incredibly recognisable shape. Even if you’re not a player and you were asked to draw an electric guitar, it would probably look like a Strat. They’ve also been mutated and modified beyond recognition in some cases. Does the matchstick Strat, from the luthier extraordinaire Dean Fraser take the cake?

matchstick stratocaster

Intriguingly, from a distance, the guitar presents as relatively normal, albeit with an ornate parquetry pattern. It’s only when you zoom in that it reveals itself to be stunning piece of craftsmanship.

We’ve seen instruments created from everyday items before, but rarely has such sustained discipline been applied to creation of a single instrument.

Head over to Fraser Guitars for more information on this example and a whole catalogue of other models. In the meantime, gorge on these photos of this unique specimen.

Matchstick stratocaster