PREMIERE: Emily Jane displays a captivating vulnerability on her debut EP Behind Closed Doors

On her debut mini-EP Behind Closed Doors, singer-songwriter Emily Jane does not shy away from confronting issues. She faces them with her chin in the air.

Though through her incredibly tender instrumentation and soulful vocals, Jane crafts an endearing sense of vulnerability through her music.

Behind Closed Doors, the debut EP from singer-songwriter Emily Jane is a delicate slice of indie-folk, yet it holds an unnerving weight that will blanket you wholly.

In a mere three songs, Emily Jane will tear your chest open and stitch it back together with her gut wrenching lyricism, delivered by her captivatingly melancholic voice.

The purpose of Behind Closed Doors is essentially to start a conversation around openly speaking out about violent relationships and encourage people to unashamedly speak out and share their story,” Jane says of the new EP.

Not only to get it off their chest but to start a domino effect that might encourage someone else to do the same thing, providing comfort and somewhat removing some of the shame surrounding opening up.”

With the EP’s opening title track, Jane immediately tackles heavy issues of dependency: “And I miss you, oh you’re my demise,” she sings in the EP’s opening line.

The track is a heartbreaking slow burner that will pull you close and make you feel simultaneously comforted and uneasy.

The following two tracks hold equal weight, as Jane navigates challenging subject matter through a raw and often charming lens of introspection.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.

Catch Emily Jane live at any of the following dates:

June 8th – Night Quater, Gold Coast
June 15th – Night Quater, Gold Coast
July 20th – Queen Street Mall, Brisbane