This video of thrashers teaching a little girl to mosh has gone viral

A wholesome video of thrashers teaching a girl to mosh has gone viral, making us all feel nostalgic for festival season.

Your first mosh is an experience that you carry throughout your entire life. You were probably confused, copped a few elbows to the head, but you felt so insanely free.

A video of this little girl’s first mosh at a metal festival has just gone viral. Posted to a personal Facebook page and quickly amassing 25,000 shares, the video shows festival goers teaching her the ropes while Killswitch Engage performs in the background.


Making the most of an empty space in the crowd, metal-heads can be seen playfully shoulder charging with their new friend while the band smashes out their track In Due Time.  It’s not often that you see hardened blokes showing their softer side, but they made an exception to spread the love of the mosh to the next generation.

It’s still unknown which festival this footage was from, but the clip has since made waves on Tik Tok and Reddit with many users commenting that the post made them nostalgic for their favourite gigs.

With festivals and gigs sadly not returning anytime soon, metal legends have been turning to live-streamed performances instead. Members from Anthrax and Megadeth have even been offering free guitar lessons to help self-isolating music students.

Check out the full video below: