This virtual tour of Roland’s private museum will get you all hot and bothered

Roland is a gear porn favourite. They’ve been around so long that their synthesizer and drum machine catalogue has grown to epic proportions and seeing some of those golden oldies like the TR-808 or a JUNO-6 is still liable to get the gear nerds drooling.

So when we heard that Roland had opened up a virtual tour of their private factory, it really jiggled our knobs in the right way.

In the video above or through the magic of Google Street View, you can now walk amongst the halls of Roland’s greatest, an utter synth utopia where the best of the best are stored elbow to elbow in the one building.

roland factory virtual reality tour

Prepare yourselves: this virtual tour of Roland’s private museum could be the pinnacle of synth porn. Enter with some restraint.

The 10 minute video offers a complete tour, starting with some aerial outdoor shots of the building before getting into the meatier sections. In virtual reality you can watch the entire JUNO catalogue go by, a chronological history of the company’s drum machines and an entire wall of BOSS effect pedals.

It’s satisfying beyond belief and a just a little hot. Dive in, and lose yourself in the glorious, glorious gear R&D.