This crowdfunding-inspired service could revolutionise the way indie labels press vinyl

A new venture called Vinylised is pushing to revolutionise the way that small indie labels press vinyl. The service is inspired by the crowdfunding model, aiming to unite record buyers around the world to help their favourite releases make their way onto wax.


A new crowdfunding-inspired service Vinylised could very well revolutionise the way indie labels press their releases to vinyl.

The way it works is that labels can add their releases to the service for free, creating a personal catalogue. If and when pledges from customers reach the target minimum run, Vinylised take care of everything from there on: manufacturing, from mastering to pressing.

They also pack and ship all orders, eliminating the need for a distributor. All payments are completely transparent and all profits are paid back to labels, minus a fee for Vinylised’s service.

If the release doesn’t reach its pre-order target, it doesn’t get pressed and since payment details are only taken as pledges, no refunds are required. Much in like a standard crowd-funding campaign.

Such a simple brilliant idea. If you’re a small label who struggle to raise funds for vinyl releases, this could be your saviour.

Check out Vinylised here.

[via Vinyl Factory]