Thom Yorke keeps appearing in international self-help ads and nobody has a clue why

Radiohead frontman and self-dubbed weirdo Thom Yorke never did look like he had a great handle on life, which is perhaps why he’s unwittingly become a mascot for sexual health, ADD, fatigue and headaches.

Yorke has appeared on the cover of a book titled Marital and Sexual Problems in Men, published in Iran. The cover’s below – it also features the late Rabbit author John Updike and a third unidentified man. As to why this unlikely trio was chosen… your guess is as good as ours.

thom yorkes sex

Thom Yorke is here to help you combat ADD, fatigue, insomnia and headaches, not to mention keeping things spicy in the bedroom.

The message of the cover is unclear, but perhaps it’s suggesting that this particular book will transform you from a dejected, unsatisfied Thom Yorke into a happy, sexually healthy John Updike by the time you reach your twilight years. Something we can all agree with, right?

See the original tweet showing from journalist Sobhan Hassanvand below, as well as the more recent Yorke-fronted self-help ad courtesy of Russia.

And here’s why Yorke may have some advice for dealing with insomnia, fatigue and attention deficit disorder, among other things:

Via Dangerous Minds.