Thurston Moore is performing at Melbourne International Film Festival 2019

Melbourne International Film Festival has announced two exciting live music events with Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore taking centre stage.

Exclusive to Melbourne, the iconic art rock and experimental musician will perform at the Astor Theatre, performing music that he has composed to accompany four seminal works of experimental film pioneer Maya Deren.

Through his work with Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore established himself as one of the formative figures of no wave and alt-rock, and these exclusive performances are fitting to his iconic sound and vision.

Maya Deren has had a strong influence on Moore as a creative. “Her mysterious images have burned into my consciousness like fiery, exotic dreams we are not supposed to talk about; each one a secret location of a symbolic prediction made with deep, dark magic in her Sibyl cave,” says Moore.

Moore will perform the original scores he composed for three of Deren’s most celebrated works. Additionally, Moore has composed a new score for Deren’s unfinished short, Witch’s Cradle.

You won’t want to miss this incredible combination of Moore’s unique cinematic sensibilities with the work of pioneering filmmaker Maya Deren. It is set to be a rare, transporting, transfixing opportunity for exploration and experimentation.

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