TikTokers are waging war on Donald Trump's app

TikTokers are waging war on Donald Trump’s app

TikTok users are back at it again, continuing their online feud with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Their latest protest comes weeks after users successfully ruined Trump’s first campaign rally in months.

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TikTok users are working together to antagonise Trump by leaving hilarious reviews on his app, accusing it of “breaking their mums back” and giving people “rona”.

Users are working together to ambush the Offical Trump 2020 App by leaving terrible reviews and extremely low ratings. As of today, the app currently has a 1.1-star rating, and reviews are accusing the app of stealing private information, sponsoring highly inappropriate ads, and even giving people “rona”. By attempting this, users are hoping to push the app’s ratings so low that Apple and Google are forced to remove it from their app stores – although it is likely this will happen as these services don’t remove apps based on ratings.

Using emojis and lots of capital letters, one passionate reviewer wrote, “Being a pretty positive person when it comes to this stuff, I can’t even fathom an app being this bad! 🤦‍♀️SO MANY ADS. Like everywhere you look! I can’t even click on one thing without having tons of them which is not yolo. I was walking my cat🐱 once I downloaded it and it made me trip and fall on a crack. So when I got home my back was broken and so was my mothers. Thanks A LOT. Not worth the time or the space 100% do not reccomend.

This protest occurs only a few days after Trump announced that the government is considering banning TikTok, along with other Chinese social media apps, amid “security concerns”. Some reviewers have directly addressed this issue in their reviews of the Offical Trump 2020 app stating that it was “almost like you’re trying to take our rights away because you don’t like how much power it’s giving the youth to communicate and spread a message.”

This protest has come after the first successful attempt to ruin Trump’s first campaign rally in months. Users collaborated together to sign up for tickets to the event with no intentions of going. Mr Trump and his presidential team gloated that they had one million people registered to attend, when in fact only 6,000 showed up on the day.


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