Timothy Loren’s debut is a spacious, emotional journey

Timothy Loren’s new double single is a contemplative and sparse collection. The tracks deeply explore relationships and inner tensions.

Originally from central Florida, Timothy Loren has found himself to be an ‘accidental’ resident of Sydney. The pandemic has meant an extended stay in Australia and also an extended exploration of songwriting and production. The result is the introspective and rich soundscape of his debut double-single: Who You Are To Me/Take Me Home. 

This collaboration, which spans Australia and the US, was forged in Loren’s home studio, Sydney’s Brightside Studios, and The Vanguard Room in Florida. The fruits of this labour: a sound and narrative which truly transports you.

Timothy Loren

The listener is welcomed into the world of Timothy Loren by a mysterious drone. Upon reflection, you realise that he has masterfully connected the musical elements of both tracks with this thread — space is abundant, with drones, reverb tails, and sparse melodies leading you effortlessly from one section to the next.

Who You Are To Me is a confessional track — a naked, honest account that’s born from the tension within relationships. It asks what happens when the affections in a partnership are mismatched — Loren’s plea, “I’m not perfect, but I’m worth it,” is nothing if not brave; it typifies this emotionally impactful piece.


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On Take Me Home, things take a turn toward the epically ambient. A soaring guitar melody is combined with a glitchy radio tone, with both sounds seeming to strive for an almost human quality. Vocally, Loren brings a more sonorous quality to this track, the brushed acoustic leaving plenty of room for a resonant baritone.

But when it hits the chorus, a delicately layered harmony appears and suddenly Take Me Home is filled with light. With spare musical elements, all Loren has to do is balance a finger on the scale one way or another to place the music in a completely different atmosphere. In that way, this two-track release contains the power of an entire LP.

Check out Who You Are To Me/Take Me Home below: