Terrible or terrific? Reviewing Secretlab’s TITAN Evo 2022 gaming chair

Combining “the best of” the OMEGA and TITAN chairs, Secretlab’s TITAN Evo 2022 Series passes all our tests with flying colours.

I bought the Titan Evo 2022 chair from Secretlab in a bid to replace my old, crumbling one. With one armrest missing and the other clinging on for dear life by a single screw, it was definitely time to say goodbye. It’s not me, it’s you (and your peeling faux leather).

And so my search began. Eventually, I stumbled upon this wonderful gem. Once it arrived, I found myself pleasantly surprised and spoiled by all of its features. Because let me tell you now, it is damn superior to any other chair I’ve owned. Way more expensive too. But I love it so far and so does the dog. Sneaky bugger.

secretlab evo 2022 dog
Image: Secretlab

From the get go I could tell just how much care went into the making of these chairs. Every part had its protected, foamy place and each tool needed was accounted for. Even the instructions were clear as day and slapping it together was easy, even for a less than handy individual like myself.

But how does it feel, you ask? At first I was a little uncertain of how hard the actual chair itself was. It does seem quite firm, but that thought was lost pretty quickly to consistent comfort the longer you’re sat down. I move fairly often, trying to find different spots to lounge in – a habit that usually has me finding painful spots to avoid in most chairs, or sometimes losing an armrest to the abyss.

But the Titan Evo 2022 has held up remarkably well no matter how I choose to sit in it. Better yet, every position has been perfectly cosy so far. The sturdy armrests have held up against my tests too. Speaking of comfort, I splurged a little more on the Softweave Fabric Plus, as opposed to its cheaper cousin, the Leatherette and I have to commend how it feels. It’s deceptively soft, but it looks and feels durable too.

The chair comes with a magnetic, memory foam head pillow which attaches quickly and easily to the back of the headrest and does away with those pesky, fidgety straps. A simple and super effective solution to my past frustrations and  fumbling with said straps.

The pillow is also ridiculously comfy and soft, although I do wish the magnets had a little more leeway for height at times.

Lumbar support is a dream for this thing. Two adjustable dials placed on either side of the chair mean that you can customise exactly how far the it sticks out (or doesn’t) and how high or low it sits. For those who find their backs aching after a long gaming session, I have no doubts that this will help alleviate some of that pain.

My favourite feature is definitely the armrests, which have 4D movement. To put it simply, it just means that they can move up, down, forwards, backwards, side-to-side and even rotate. Matching how tall your arms sit with the height of your desk is fucking amazing. The actual tops are magnetic too, meaning wear and tear can be conveniently replaced.

The Titan Evo 2022’s hydraulics make adjusting your chair’s height smooth, but it’s the reclining system that makes this thing even fancier. Like all chairs, reclining is done fairly easily. It’s the extra tension adjustment, located on the opposite side to your height adjuster, that lets you choose exactly how far back you can lean in your chair.

The starting price for a small or regular chair usually begins at $679 AUD and XL starts at $789 (currently, they’re $35 off thanks to Secretlab’s Christmas sale). As pricey as this tag is, it’s one I can’t recommend enough. If you’re willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on the best gaming setup, then why not spend some of that on your comfort too?

As precious as your console or PC might be, your body’s worth infinitely more.


Get one of these chairs through Secretlab’s website here.