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Toby and Daz Rinko team up on vibrant new single Take It

Fresh to our sunny shores, London producer Toby has shared his latest release, Take It. It’s a killer tune, with Memphis-based artist Daz Rinko stepping in on the track with his upbeat rap.

Toby has been producing and releasing music for years and recently spent his time travelling around, making beats from his laptop and collaborating internationally.

Toby Take It

Dip into pool-side vibes with this fresh new track by London-born producer Toby, Take It, featuring rapper Daz Rinko over honey-smooth production.

Now he’s settling into life on the Gold Coast, soaking up our sunshine and gearing up to release a stream of new music. And Take It sounds like it’s got a good dose of that Aussie sunshine too, with a mixture of dreamy synths, rhythmic baselines and a crisp percussion section.

His production is super clean, boasting skills that make for an incredibly smooth listening experience. He’s tastefully layered ambient sounds, instead of sounding tacky or homemade, add a nice vinyl crackle-and-pop feel to the track. With more hollow drum samples and hi-def percussion section, the track is irresistibly light and summery.

It’s a bouncy, genre-bending number that’s touching on hip-hop, rap and what Masego would define as “traphousejazz”. It’s got that real groovy vibe I’m sure we’ll be pumping as the weather starts to warm up.

Give the track a spin above.