‘Today’ is the perfect day for Rainbow Riders to release their debut single

Barreling in from the northern and southern beaches of Sydney comes a perfect A-frame of surf-pop and psych-rock. Rainbow Riders is the latest project of Tuppaware Party’s Shelly Fitzpatrick and multi-instrumentalist Lucas Trevisan of Lux Trevis. A union of talent, carving out thematic parameters of individualism and positivity.

Rainbow Riders is Sydney’s latest fusion of atmospheric surf-rock, you’ll be foaming at the lip with their buoyant good-vibes and romance.

Dynamic duos can be something of great duality. On their debut single Today, Rainbow Riders bring about the wilful charm of mutual pursuit: to raise the people’s vibration. Along with rhythm section’s Brooke Carter and Patrick Downes, Fitzpatrick and Trevisan bring about a myth-making flair in their unity.

Opening Trevisan’s toy box of skill and effects, Today catapults into a groove-laden hook. Bass and guitar wield together a funk forward concoction, reminiscent of his latest album’s musings. It’s a full minute of head-nodding before Fitzpatrick’s breathy vocals break the surface with a classic surf-string twang intro. Feather-light and girlish, her airy soundscape is bright and soaked in sun. Fitzpatrick’s morning meditation begins:

“Waking up/ Morning breeze/ The sun/ Off shore winds.”

Photo: Today Single Cover Art

Today is a song “intended to be listened to in the morning to put you in a good mood for your day”, Fitzpatrick says. Yet don’t let the connotations of banana-lattes and sunshine fool you. Much like the Gemini timing of this debut track, there’s a darker underbelly that makes this a song for the nighttime too. Surging moments of synth and fuzz pull away from the localism and seduce the listener.

“But they’re cold/ Everyday we wake up so differently/ Just like the weather outside of me/ Gotta find the light within.”

Ultimately the enlightened headspace of dreamy melisma and the message of high frequencies wins out. Lyrically and musically, Rainbow Riders have mastered the musings of conceptual depth. They’ve entwined their affirmations from coastal life-style in the cathartic self-expression of song.

Their first sun-god offering is available on all streaming platforms. Be present, listen and fall in love with Rainbow Riders Today: