Tom Davies cracks open a raw, unchartered rock sound in 'North Street'

Tom Davies cracks open a raw, unchartered rock sound in ‘North Street’

Perth artist, Tom Davies, is an acoustic burst of rock-energy and talent with his self-produced debut album, North Street.

May your ears be blessed with Tom Davies’ sonic serotonin North Street.

The 10-track album is an oozing raw Aussie rock project, written and produced by Davies himself, digging his heels into the untapped originality of his magnetic melodies and bleeding electric guitars.

Tom Davies

Dripping in rustic, rural tones, Davies sands back the rough edges and delivers a golden blend of indie and country rock. The whole album feels electrically enlightening, an emotion that can only be exhumed from Davies’ genuine music roots.

North Street was originally intended to be recorded in NSW, late 2020, however the night before his studio recording. Davies was in an accident and ended up in hospital.

What came from Davies’ hurdle, was an incentive to return to his hometown Perth and create his music solo. Picking up recording and producing for the first time, there is no refuting that Davies has a talent for song-making pumping through his veins.

“I basically just made it up as I went and because of this it has its own unique rough-around-the-edges feel but I’m really proud of it and I think I did the songs justice” he says.

From the second the album floods the ears in Looking For Coal, there is a rawness and grungy echo setting the tone for the innovative electric tracks. Soaked in stories, there is no shortage of colour in Davies’ tunes; showing off his dreamy vocals in Feel It Now and In Your Head.


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From the retro-cowboy riff in Gypsy Love Song to the literal magic singed within Don’t Go Falling In Lovethere is a hypnotic beauty in the acoustic blend of indie-rock and country. Unwind, runs relentlessly in the brain as Davies sings; “I wanna hear you calling out my name, I wanna share your pleasure and your pain”. 

The album continues to float down the road of the harmonic hues with Predicting The Snow and the gorgeously warm track, Talking In The Breezea glistening painting of a happy time. Until the hard-hitting tune of Lilyoutpours Davies’ universal struggle faced to move on from a relationship.

The bookend of the album is North Street, cracks through with an electric guitar tune of hope about heading back to your roots and starting again. Davies shudders the soul with his earth-shattering love for music, and his effortless ability to tell a story is simply infatuating.

It is clear that the only direction producer, singer/songwriter, Tom Davies, is heading in is north, lucky for us we can sit back and enjoy the ride down North Street. 

Check out the album below: