Siobhan Cotchin stitches an armour of alt-country on her new single 'The Fair-Weather Friend Blues'

Siobhan Cotchin stitches an armour of alt-country on her new single ‘The Fair-Weather Friend Blues’

On her latest single, Siobhan Cotchin delivers a level of introspection and sensitivity that most artists only dream.

Siobhan Cotchin is writing songs well beyond her years. Along with deeply thoughtful and mature lyricism, her sonic expression is like that of the greats, with the ability to hold regret, agony, and hope within gossamer walls of melody.

Just look to her latest single for proof. At its core, The Fair-Weather Friend Blues is an emotionally-charged narrative of regret that urges us to move forward.


The Fair-Weather Friend Blues is a raw and intimate ballad armoured by a lifetime of betrayal and heartache. Yet, it doesn’t lose any of its punch through resentment. Instead of souring her melody with negativity, Cotchin instead looks upon her emotions in third person, laying them out for all to see before deconstructing their meaning through pearly melodies. It’s one of those songs that allows you to reconcile your own trauma through the eyes of the artist.

Laced with an air-tight rhythm section and a melody that wastes no time painting the song’s lyricism with earthy, saturated tones, this is a song that any country-rock lover will adore.


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“‘The Fair-Weather Friend Blues’ is a song about those people you have in your life that are there for you, but only when it’s convenient for them,” the singer reveals. “It really is an awful feeling when you are close with someone and you get to know each other inside out, and then one day something changes and you’re not as close anymore.”

The Fair-Weather Friend Blues is lush, powerful and has us waiting on the edge of our seats to see what the artist delivers next.

Check out the single below: