‘Fall Guys’ has sold 10 million PC copies and counting

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has sold over 10 million copies on PC. That’s eight digits and enough jelly beans to last a lifetime.

Featuring a catchy score, hilarious gameplay, and cute character designs, Fall Guys has been back-to-back with impressive announcements since day dot. Since they’ve got 10 million PC sales under their belt, it’ll be hard calling this a dead game for quite some time.

Fall Guys kicked this depressing year in the shins as it summoned a wave of colourful, offbeat fun to brighten our days. From Among Us to Phasmophobia, we’ve all got these jelly beans to thank for leading the party game boom.

fall guys

Recently, there have just been so many highlights for Fall Guys. We checked out Unity’s Q3 results and discovered this game as one of their ‘Biggest Q3 gaming blockbusters powered by Unity’ along with Genshin Impact. The game is still very much alive, with 200,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch as of early November.

And as if they weren’t in the spotlight enough, have we mentioned that BTS had recently played the game as well? As part of their web series, the Korean boy band teamed up with the professional League of Legends team, SKT1 for a few games.

In addition to some sweet publicity, it’s refreshing watching professional gamers playing this on the same level as these celebrity casuals.

Fall Guys is currently in mid-season as they begin preparing for season three. If you’ve been thinking of jumping on the train, know that there’s now over 10 million mates you’ll be joining.

The game is currently $28.95 on Steam.