Rafa makes a killer first impression with his pop anthem 'Fight No More'

Rafa makes a killer first impression with his pop anthem ‘Fight No More’

Canberra newcomer Rafa has unveiled his debut single Fight No More, a slick pop anthem with plenty of attitude to boot.

Meet Rafa, a brand new artist coming your way from Canberra. It’s as sleek as debut singles come, with an expert consideration for what makes a killer pop track.

Although information is thin and he’s definitely a little mysterious – this is his first track, after all – Rafa has shared that he’s a self-taught producer and a keen critical listener. Initially producing house music, Rafa made the switch to pop after running through the discography of super-songwriter Max Martin with a fine-toothed comb.

rafa fight no more

Building upon a foundation of beats and a bouncy brass lick, Fight No More starts off with swagger and only goes up. The vocals are catchy, start to finish, verses and chorus alike striking total ear-worm melodies with pinpoint accuracy.

The song also features Sam Welch, a producer and songwriter who may be familiar to English listeners, lending Fight No More that little bit of extra sheen. By their powers combined, Rafa and Welch have made a track that hits in all the right places.

It’s a super strong first impression for Rafa, an artist who no doubt has more in the can. Wherever you strike next, Rafa, we’ll be eagerly waiting to listen.

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Fight No More is out now. Stream the single here.