Loneliness, Laughter, and Longing: Tom Odell’s ‘Answer Phone’ Paves the Way to ‘Black Friday’

Tom Odell’s “Answer Phone” is a masterclass in marrying the deeply personal with universal sentiments.

Tom Odell, the acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer, has once again delved into the depths of introspection with his latest release, “Answer Phone.”

In his new track, Tom Odell shares a heartfelt story of loneliness and the desire for connection. With a spacious sound similar to his recent hit “Black Friday,” Odell’s musical touch is both familiar and comforting.

Reminiscent of Beck’s “Sea Change,” but with a lighter feel, Odell creates a song that’s both simple and deep. Each note, carefully placed in the mix, showcases Odell’s skill in crafting a song that speaks directly to the heart.

“Answer Phone” is a sneak peek into Tom Odell’s upcoming album, “Black Friday,” slated for release on January 26, 2024. The track, a blend of personal introspection and universal emotions, sets the stage for the entire album.

Crafted by Odell and co-produced with Cityfall, the song intertwines themes of loss, anxiety, and human connection, featuring a unique blend of acoustic guitar and deeply affecting strings.

Odell shares the inspiration behind “Answer Phone,” describing it as an exploration of loneliness and the longing to be seen, infused with self-awareness and humor. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of dressing up like it’s Halloween, dancing alone to ‘Billie Jean,’ and praying not to sleep alone, all against the backdrop of an answering phone.


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Fresh from his extensive North American tour, which garnered rave reviews in cities like Los Angeles and New York, Odell is gearing up for a massive 2024 UK and European tour starting in March. The overwhelming demand has led to venue upgrades and added shows, with many dates already sold out in advance.

“Answer Phone” follows Odell’s recent hits, including “Somebody Else” and the globally streamed “Black Friday,” amassing an impressive 2 million streams on its debut day and 50 million to date. The track’s impact extends to TikTok, where fan content has reached a staggering 150 million views.

In anticipation of his sixth studio album “Black Friday” on January 26, 2024, “Answer Phone” exemplifies Tom Odell’s ability to create music that goes beyond mere notes, offering a glimpse into the essence of the human experience.

Dive into “Answer Phone” below: