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QuickMuse: Turn Up Your Tracks with Instant Vibes and Easy Inspiration

Struggling for creative sparks in your mix? QuickMuse’s magic plugin is your answer. Grab it for just 9 Euros.

We all get tired sometimes. Finding ongoing inspiration when mixing or producing a track can get hard. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone made a plugin that just did some creative thinking for you? Maybe we’ve found the answer to that question.

Welcome to QuickMuse, an instant multi-effects processor for adding some inspiration and vibe to your track.

Effects Plugin

QuickMuse features five ‘elements’. These are ‘Fire’; a harmonic saturation unit that adds warmth, ‘Earth’; a vintage chorus, stereo widening, multi-band dynamics, and analog shelf EQs, ‘Water’; a tremolo, flanger, phaser, auto-pan, filter modulation and vibrato, ‘Air’; a reverb and delay and ‘Aether’; a multi-pitch shimmer reverb, reverse delay and granular clouds.

Each of these ‘elements’ can be reordered in the signal chain to change how they interact with one another. If you want just a touch more or less of an effect, just click on it and slide the wet dry slider.

If you want less of the effect as a whole, there’s also a global mix knob. It doesn’t take a degree to wrap your head around QuickMuse.


Now it’s all well and good to know what each of these elements are doing, but worrying too much about it completely defeats what this plugin sets out to achieve. It’s all about the vibe that this gives you when you hit the randomise button. If you don’t like how it sounds, just hit it again until you find yourself inspired.

If you only like particular elements of the track, you can even lock those in and randomise the rest. There’s also a bunch of instrument specific presets to give you some even more accessible starting points.

I’m not really one for multi-effects plugins. Being able to nail down each individual effect to sound exactly the way I want to is pretty important to my workflow.


But we all know that feeling of not really knowing where to take a track, QuickMuse is an excellent solution to this problem and a great way to keep you inspired and moving quickly through a production or a mix.

You can pick QuickMuse up from the United Plugins website and if you race on over you can still pick it up on a massive introductory offer, at the moment it’s 9 Euros, down from the usual 49 Euros.


Head over to the website to pick it up or find out more.