Tonberrie chills things out with Post Black

There is something really alluring about an unknown artist or one that we know very little about. It’s as if there is this mysterious draw to them that you can’t help but sneak a peak and find out what it is that is going on. This can definitely be said for Tonberrie.


Tonberrie effortlessly blends jazz, hip-hop and electronica to craft a fun debut EP. If your week has been stressful give this bad boy a spin and chill out.

Based in the outer west of Sydney, the producer and multi-instrumentalist released his debut EP Post Black on April 1. Residing in a dark, stuffy little room, the EP was completely performed and produced by Tonberrie with no added influences or helpful additions from other artists. Needless to say he completely threw himself into the EP and as a result have created a piece of musical art that flows and seamlessly transitions from track to track.

Tonberrie dabbles with guitar as the main instrument of choice, however since being given a record player from a friend, an interest in synths and sampling has really taken hold. Tonberrie had a variety of musical influences growing up from Boys II Men, Michael Jackson, Tommy Emmanuel as well as a variety of game music.

Whilst talking with adamNOTeve, Tonberrie also discussed how his influences have changed over the years and contemplates whether the introduction of different technologies would have affected the influences growing up. “I always wonder if my musical tastes growing would be completely different if I had really fast Internet, YouTube and all that. But the only music I had access to back then was whatever was on TV or whatever you could find and download on Napster with our shitty 56k connection”

Not only is Tonberrie a multi-instrumentalist but also a multi-project-starter. Whilst completing Post Black, work on the second EP had already begun. Said to be a prequel to this project the piece apparently takes a complete opposite approach in its sound. Post Black was finished first and thus we are now able to hear the elements of jazz, hip-hop and electronic mix of sounds that are featured throughout the EP.

Opening the EP is the track Post Black. There is a spacious quality to the introduction, which then delves into piano and psychedelic sounds. As the track progresses the guitar takes over and the tempo quickens. What is most intriguing about the track however is the hurried ending. The piece builds and builds and it’s not until you’re really into the track that it almost cuts its ending off, without completely slowing down into a ‘conclusion’. It’s as if it’s denying the listener the satisfaction of continued enjoyment, leaving you wanting more. This is a really clever and skilful choice by Tonberrie, which definitely pays off.

Time is the shortest song on the EP, yet so much is jammed into the 58 seconds. Filled with a fast tempo, Spanish like sound provided by the maracas and guitar strum the piece really gets the listener into a great salsa mind frame. The piece is then finished off with haunting vocals that provides the track with a complete and intriguing element. For such a short track Tonberrie has really packed it all in for this one which gives a different and welcomed flare for the EP.

After the fast-paced an intensity of Time, the slower and more chilled sound of June is exactly what the EP needed. Delving more into a synth styled sound within the track, it’s a piece that you can really envision yourself sitting on a rooftop bar late in the afternoon with a martini in hand whilst this plays in the background.

There is a sophistication to the track through the seamless transitioning between each element in the piece. It shows the control and care Tonberrie took in creating the EP. This is definitely the standout piece from the EP and if this was the debut album, I can’t wait to see what else he has in store!