Where in Africa is Africa? Toto’s most iconic hit to be played for eternity in the African desert

Somewhere along a 2000km stretch of the coastal African desert known as the Namib, a Toto‘s Africa is playing “For all of eternity”.

Namibian-German artist Max Steidentopf has created an installation aptly named Toto Forever somewhere in the oldest desert in the world.

toto forever africa
Photo: Max Siedentopf

Toto’s Africa will be played for eternity somewhere in an African desert thanks to solar energy and an intriguing artist.

Consisting of solar panels, six speakers, and an mp3 player that holds a single song, he “wanted to pay the song the ultimate homage and physically exhibit Africa’ in Africa.”  No shade to Weezer, but it’s great to see the song getting the respect it deserves, albeit in a mildly amusing medium.

It seems unlikely that when composing Africa, composers Jeff Porcaro and David Paich would have imagined it being played forever in an African desert.

Considering that the song is about pure love for a continent, it does seem a rather appropriate that the smooth marimbas and words of praise will be where they belong, until perhaps the rains of Africa decide to wear away the structure.

Siendentopf has yet to disclose the location of his work, but just knowing it’s out there is enough to put a smile on our faces.


Via Pitchfork