Go track-by-track through from drexel’s latest EP ‘what dogs once wished for’

Earlier this year we were treated to ‘what dogs once wished for’, the sprawling latest EP from Oklahoma City artist, from drexel. 

An eclectic blend of slow core and all-out rock, the collection saw from drexel defy a relatively short runtime by tackling big themes and transcending multiple genres, traces of everything from shoegaze to discussions around organised religion. 

For a deeper look into the release, from drexel swung by Happy for a track-by-track guide through the EP from the doomed friendship that informed ‘knucklecut’ to the “release of pent up worries” on ‘cord o’roy’.

from drexel happy mag review

Catch from drexel’s track breakdown below.  


The first song I wrote for the EP back in 2022 about a friendship that had ended poorly. It’s my thoughts on how disappointed I had become in myself after some self destruction; and regrets I had with how it all ended.

Sonically I wanted to mess around with more unique sections than I had done before which was fun. The bridge was very Inspired by DIIV. 


As an adult I’ve left religion, but grew up southern Baptist. sillt is about my feelings on how modern Christianity (and the second coming of Jesus) allows people the convenience of not truly caring about the world we live in.

And how I gave so much of myself away for it all before I left. “Pick the body out of my teeth” is one of my favorite lines I’ve written.

‘Stuck My Shoe in Mud’

I got a baritone guitar after listening to a lot of Loathe and had been messing around with this chord progression forever. I love doing instrumental stuff since it lacks the challenge of writing lyrics so this song’s just vibes. 


A song talking about the last time you ever hang out with someone without knowing it. But at least having a decent game of bowling. 

‘Cord O’Roy’

This song is really special and personal to me. Writing about how both hard and beautiful it is to change and grow with my partner.

They’re so important to me and I’m grateful for them and glad we’ve been able to live so many seasons together.

Plus I wanted a nice little wall of sound moment at the end of the EP to release all the last pent up worries and excitements so it feels nice to have that.