We delve into a little youthful rebellion with Later Daze

Fresh off their single “Rebel Dive,” Australian rising stars Later Daze join us for an exclusive interview.

Hailing from high school jam sessions, this five-piece brings together a diverse range of influences, from 90s grunge to modern indie.

Get ready to dive into their creative process, the inspiration behind their music, and their dreams for the future, all while exploring the themes of youthful rebellion and the power of self-expression that define their sound. Buckle up, because Later Daze is a band to watch!

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Happy: What are you up to today?

Later Daze: Jammin’! We’ve got a house party gig coming up this weekend so we’ve gotta get some practice in.

Happy: You guys formed in high school last year – what initially brought you all together? Shared love of music, similar influences, or just pure coincidence?

Later Daze: In the beginning, Rocco (guitarist), Lennon (guitarist), and TJ (vocalist) were mates from around grade 10.

When senior came around, all three of us decided to study music, discovering a passion for playing music together and expressing ourselves.

We all also share deep love for music in all its forms, from 90s grunge to Bob Marley. After a few jam sessions – adding Rocco’s brother Luka on drums and Luka’s friend Corey on bass – the Later Daze lineup was complete.  

Happy: ‘Rebel Dive’ is a punchy indie track. What are some of your biggest musical influences?

Later Daze: We’ve all got very diverse music tastes, creating a really interesting palette that works its way into every track we write.

Some big influences would include The Arctic Monkeys, The Hers, R.E.M, The Rions, Dominic Fike, Kings of Leon, and The Strokes (among others).

When we’re writing it’s really down to mixing all of our influences together to create something unique.

Happy: The song tackles the feeling of needing to escape. What do you find yourselves wanting to escape from most in your lives?

Later Daze: Sometimes people find themselves in situations they know are wrong for them, but can’t bring themselves to escape from, whatever the reason may be.

Whether it’s a bad relationship, a job you hate, or just feeling stuck in a rut. It’s human nature to feel frustrated in those circumstances, and that’s kind of what we were trying to channel with Rebel Dive.

Happy: You mentioned channeling some Catfish and The Bottlemen vibes in the bridge. Any other artists you’d say inspire your sound?

Later Daze: There’s definitely some influence from the noughties indie soundscape, like The Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, and Kings of Leon.

We like trying to capture the rawness of that sound, combined with some of the modern production sensibilities of Australian Indie music.

Happy: Being a young band, how do you navigate the ever-changing Australian music scene?

Later Daze: We’re still learning how things work around here, but we figure we can’t go wrong with backing ourselves, finding our own unique sound, and working as hard as we can to get our name out there.

We’re not too worried about catching trends. Just putting the work in, doing our own thing and knowing that good things will come.

Happy: The song name ‘Rebel Dive’ suggests a bit of youthful rebellion. What are some causes or ideas you feel passionate about rebelling for?

Later Daze: We definitely care about letting people think for themselves.

Sometimes social media can put a lot of pressure on people to view something a certain way, or feel one way or another.

Thinking differently is seen as going against the status quo.

If people aren’t encouraged to think freely, innovation and creativity are stifled.

Having an open mind and being humble enough to listen to the next person is something that the world needs.

Happy: ‘Rebel Dive’ feels like a live show anthem. Are you planning any gigs soon? Any dream venues or festivals you’d love to play?

Later Daze: We’re planning on playing as many gigs as we can at the moment.

Because we’re just sort of breaking into the scene, we want to get our hands dirty and play some music. A dream festival would definitely be Glastonbury. The energy is crazy, and we would just love to be a part of that atmosphere.

Happy: You describe yourselves as an “alternative quintet.” What makes each member unique and contribute something special to the band’s sound?

Later Daze: Everyone contributes their own sound to all of our songs. Rocco (guitarist) pulls out blazing lead lines and nostalgic riffs reminiscent of 90s grunge and noughties indie.

Lennon is our secret weapon, contributing beautiful ambient guitar parts which frequently serve as the kernel for the songwriting process, and often just the icing on the cake.

TJ has a great intuition for what a catchy melody sounds like, making the songs sound complete and turning them into instant earworms.

Corey (bassist) lays down the phunk, bringing momentum and foundation just as often as he does colour and melody.

Luka (resident tub smacker) keeps it tight in a metronomical fashion, providing energy and a strong backbeat (he also knows when to lay back and let the other parts shine).

Happy: “Gotta get away” is a relatable feeling for many. What are your best tips for dealing with teenage angst?

Later Daze: Take it slow. Think about things and learn all the lessons you can. Don’t grow up too quickly, and don’t be afraid to feel those feelings. What else are we here for?

Happy: With ‘Rebel Dive’ being your second single, what can fans expect from Later Daze in the future? More new music, an EP, or maybe even an album?

Later Daze: We’ve got two more strong singles lined up for this year, and we’re hoping to get back in the studio shortly to start working on an EP. We’ve got a solid catalogue of material to get out there, so we’re keen to get started.

Happy: Lastly, what makes you happy?

Later Daze: Playing music together (whether it’s for a crowd or ourselves) makes us happy. And we plan on doing it. A lot.