Out of Oklahoma City, Keegan Ball follows up solo project from drexel

“what dogs once wished for” is the second EP for from drexel, a project that serves as a balance of differing genre and emotion

A blend of slowcore and straight up rock, from drexel’s ‘what dogs once wished for’ is tackling the big themes throughout its 5 track journey.

Regret, religion and loss are just a few of the subjects Ball aims at, making the EP a personal yet widely relatable offering.

from drexel

Opening with the shoegaze inspired ‘Knucklecut,’ Ball tracks the demise of a friendship and the ensuing regret.

Reflections on self destruction mark this track, dreamy yet heavy hitting with its drenched guitar progressions and Ball’s soft and soothing vocal.

With intentionally intense dynamics and a bridge heavily inspired by DIIV, ‘Knucklecut’ acts as a breeding ground of experimentation.

‘Sillt’ is a musing on modern Christianity from the perspective of someone who grew up Southern Baptist – and left.

A reflection of much of oneself Ball gave away in the name of religion, and a look at the scapegoat the second coming acts as, ‘Sillt’ pulls no punches.

Commenting on the way this particular belief of a new and better world causes people to look upon this one as if it doesn’t really matter at all, it’s just a practice round.

The track itself is powerful, a tsunami of sound that rises and falls, drowning and reviving in equal measure.

‘Stuck My Shoe In Mud’ is pure experimentation, with a baritone guitar and with writing in general.

This track removes the vocals, allowing Ball to play around with pure instrumental soundscapes.

It’s a good breather, a thoughtful yet relaxing break in the tide of emotions.

‘Windsor’ picks things back up again, covering the last time spent with someone without knowing it wouldn’t happen again.

A little jovial and plenty reflective, ‘Windsor’ stands out amongst the rest.

The EP closes with ‘Cord O’Roy.’ A love song at its core, this track is about the challenge and the pleasure of growing alongside a partner.

This final track is a release; a climax of emotion finally allowed to set itself free.

Preorder from drexel’s limited live release cassette here and listen to ‘what dogs once wished for’ below.