Trent Reznor teases new Nine Inch Nails music in leaked interview

Trent Reznor revealed Nine Inch Nails are getting ready to record new music and tour next year in a new interview with Revolver.

The Revolver issue that contains the interview was due in January but fans who scored an early copy of the magazine broke the news to Reddit and the hype is very much real.

trent reznor nine inch nails

Nine Inch Nails will be recording new music in the new year and there will also be a tour. Your prayers have been answered.

And fans aren’t going hungry either, recently Reznor and his collaborator Atticus Ross scored three films and a television series, won a CMA for their songwriting and production credits on 2019’s mega-hit Old Town Road, and have been shortlisted for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame between the release of NIN’s 9th studio album Bad Witch (which, by the way, was in 2018) and now.

Unfortunately, the article in Revolver doesn’t disclose any specifics to their 2020 goals other than just stating them:

“The band recently released ‘the definitive edition’ of its 2005 album With Teeth, and in 2020, Reznor and Ross plan to take the group back out on tour, as well as record new NIN music.”

That’s what we’ve got to work with. That and a menacing black-and-white cover page photo of our handsome industrial king. I trust Trent will give us more information when the time is right, and hopefully he and NIN company bring their brand-spanking new live show to our shores again.