‘COME OVER’ is the intriguing next step in Triple One’s evolution

Since day one, Triple One have defied genre. COME OVER continues the theme, blending emotive melodies, blazing verses, and energetic beats.

Triple One is an unlikely success story. Doing away with genre conventions to concoct a sound that draws on diverse influences isn’t in the textbook, but for this quartet, it’s worked. Firm festival favourites across the land, their tracks are anthems made for the big stage. Fresh single COME OVER is no exception.

Teaming up with Matt Mason of DMA’s, COME OVER travels a more emotional and nostalgic path than what we’re used to with Triple One. Make no mistake though, the euphoric vibes that surround this track hit hard.

Mason actually came up with the track’s signature guitar — an incessant rhythm that’s at the heart of the song, lending it its sense of grandiosity. Equally expansive is the melody — given voice by Lil Dijon — that’s sure to ring out across the land when Triple One hit the road.

Billy Gunns on production plays a pivotal role here, blending the worlds of cinematic indie-pop with heavy trap 808s. Marty Bugatti and Obi Ill Terrors top it off with slick verses, referencing the song’s themes of failed relationships and regret.

Directed by Marty Bugatti, the music video juxtaposes Come Over’s emotionality with a sardonic take on the “typical” rap video. Check it out below:

COME OVER is out now via Virgin. Triple One is also hitting the road in April 2022 on an Australian tour. Get your tickets at the band’s website.