Trippie Redd takes a trip into a neon, red-hued world on ‘Weeeeee’

In celebration of his latest album Pegasus, Trippie Redd has released a starry-eyed video for his hit track Weeeeee.

Trippie Redd’s career has been nothing short of a rollercoaster with his fans holding on for dear life. From his less enthusiastic moments on !, to his slapstick of ideas on Mobile Suit Pussy, it seems the emo-rap star has finally made it back on track with his third studio album.

Redd’s clip Weeeeee is just another undeniable bump in Redd’s hip-hop homecoming, the video effortlessly showcasing his unusual yet memorising talent.

Trippie Redd
Photo: Scott Legato/Getty Images

Weeeeee begins in a curious red-hued world, glittering with neon moon lights, rainbows, and a series of floating windows – kind of a spooky take on our childhood favourite Playschool. 

The scene feels oddly familiar, as the carefully constructed set deeply resembles a typical suburban home, complete with a house, driveway, and a starlit garden so beautiful it rivals Coraline. Then in a moment, it all feels oddly distant, with strange angles, hovering moons, and a perception of space proving it’s not reality we are in.

Redd has been admired for his dark, child-like imagination before in clips like Excitement, where he and PARTYNEXTDOOR are seen on a vibrant animated ship cruising across the sea. Similarly, No Honorable Mention and The Grinch exhibited his experimental style, using claymation and a frightening half-human half-doll display.

We see Redd continuing the thread in Weeeeee, with colourful mushroom installations and the peculiar interactions with his infamous voodoo doll. The glazed-out world only delivers on what we’ve come to expect by the inventive hip-hop star.

The video strongly reflects the message of the song – a dreamy exploration into the intoxicated side of life where everything feels as if it’s flowing like a ride. The song itself is playful, pushing boundaries with a very risky verse, rhyming “day” with “day” a hefty 21 times. Somehow Redd manages to pull it off, perhaps by switching up on the last four lines of verse, moving from utterances of “today” to “tudaye”.

Just like other hip-hop visionaries, Redd reinvents the typical stylistic tropes. Sporting what looks like a very heavy moon-shaped chain and increasingly creative hairstyles, Redd positions himself as a mumble-rap frontrunner, true to his own aesthetic and form.

Overall, Weeeee is unsettling but bright. We can see the bricolage of a child’s fantasy lost in an adult world. Redd has once again delivered with his opaque mysticism, transporting us into his nostalgic yet estranged dreams.


Pegasus, the new album from Trippie Redd, is out now via 10K Projects / Caroline Australia. Stream the record here.