Trump in makeup? Roger Waters turned the painful vision into a reality at last night’s rehearsal concert

Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters put on quite a show last night at Meadowlands Arena, New Jersey as part of a public dress rehearsal.

Waters displayed his distaste with the current US President with an array of images intended to make a complete and utter mockery of Donald Trump.

Waters’ performance mocked some of Trump’s most ridiculous quotes to date, including, “A nation without borders is not a nation at all. We must have a wall,” and “This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier”.

The enormous screens surrounding the stage featured trippy, pop-art style patterns and ridiculing images of Trump. The images range from Trump wearing make-up, Trump with huge breasts, Trump as a pig, Trump with a Klan hood on and Trump without pants, sporting a micropenis.

During the performance Pigs (Three Different Ones) the words ‘Charade’ suddenly appear across Trump’s face.

As if that wasn’t already making enough of a statement, next up was a giant pig featuring an image of Trump with dollar-sign eyes plastered on the side, and the words “Welcome to the Machine”. In addition to this was an “I won!” speech bubble appearing from the Presidents mouth and “Piggy bank of War” on the other side.

Waters will release his first LP since Amused to Death (1992) on June 2nd, with the title Is This The Life We Really Want?