When pigs fly: four enormous golden pigs will cover Trump tower for a day thanks to Pink Floyd

Commuters of Chicago will find temporary relief from having to stare at the dreaded ‘TRUMP’ sign plastered on Trump tower, as an architect plans to conveniently position Pink Floyd inspired pigs in front of the controversial president’s name.

Pink Floyd’s Animals was an album that majorly conveyed political fury, so it’s no wonder why setting some swines  loose into Chicago skies are a seemingly perfect fit.

Thanks to a staple prop from Pink Floyd’s live shows, the flying Battersea pig, architect Jeffrey Roberts has taken the social-political concept and transformed it into four 30-feet by 15-feet deflections.

The enormous floating pigs will be tethered to a barge on the Chicago river, and although are only due to fly for a single day, it will not be their only appearance. The pigs will be taken to a number of cities riddled with Trump-lovers around the US, according to Roberts.

The announcement of the flying golden pigs was made last November, with launch set to happen this US summer. The interpretive messages suggested by Pink Floyd’s Animals in the late 1970’s represented a crumbling economy, asserting its relevance once again with the current state of the US government.

Animals was an album that represented major political fury, so it’s no wonder why setting some swine loose into Chicago skies are a seemingly perfect fit.

The plan was signed off by Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters himself, reportedly without hesitation. Although intended to represent a direct opposition following the country’s current governing party, the design is intended to be open for interpretation by US audiences.