These giant floating pigs hide Trump’s name, but it means much more than visual catharsis

It’s tough to avoid Donald Trump’s name these days with his incessant appearance in the media. Chicago architectural firm New World Design Ltd. have come up with an idea to get some Trump time out.

Presently, Trump‘s name looms high over the city of Chicago plastered upon his tower. According to the official proposal, the folly will “provide visual relief to the citizens of Chicago by interrupting the view of the ostentatious Trump Tower Chicago sign.”


Take a breather from the Trump media smog with this symbolic installation created by an architecture firm. While the four giant, floating pigs act as a visual catharsis, they also portray a very brutal comparison to the new President-elect.

Clearly more than just an aesthetic installment, symbolism becomes a significant commentary on Trump’s character and anticipated presidency, evoking instances such as his infamous “Miss Piggy” comments about a beauty pageant contender. The architects also embrace the installation’s potential for varied interpretation.

“As the designers, our intent sought to interject the following representations:

  • The “TRUMP” sign- The 20’ tall sign has been contentious since it was installed in 2014. Trump has rejected removal or modifications, so the folly provides a partial blockage of the sign’s visual noise.
  • Inflatable pigs – The giant inflatable pigs are a homage to Pink Floyd’s, Animals album. We encourage folly viewers to listen and make their own interpretations.
  • Gold coloured pigs- A commentary on the gaudy style of Mr. Trump’s own gold ensconced penthouse interior he has labeled “comfortable modernism.”
  • Flying pigs- Referring to the perceived chances of Mr. Trump winning the presidential election.
  • Pigs- Referring to the infamous “Miss Piggy” commentary.
  • Number of pigs- There is one pig for each of the four years the world will need to endure the Trump presidency.
  • Direction of the pigs- The pigs are flying eastward toward Washington, D.C.
  • Rational design- Rational design is in contrast to the chaos of Mr. Trump’s campaign and the ensuing acts of his administration.”

The installment also alludes to George Orwell’s famous novel Animal Farm, which the iconic Pink Floyd album Animals is loosely based off.

The four balloon pigs, which will be attached to barges on the Chicago River, is still in its proposal stage – but NWD’s message is loud and clear: we all need a break from Trump.


Photos by New World Design Ltd.