Morrissey “heartbroken” to be cancelling his US tour, but the pleasure to play in Australia was all his

Morrissey and his musical entourage are “heartbroken” with “unrecoverable despair” to announce the cancellation of his US tour with only six shows left to play.

Through a public article titled There Is A Light That Now Goes Out on a Morrissey fan site, he labelled the 28-show world tour as “outstanding triumphs” which came to its demise at the hands of management.

Photo by True To You Zine
Photo by True To You Zine

Extending his rage beyond management, the former lead singer of The Smiths believes he has had a thorn stuck in his side by the whole music industry.

According to his public statement, there were warning signs of his management’s finance problems. The first appeared when “all funds had suddenly evaporated”after his keyboardist, Gustavo Mazur collapsed and was hospitalised followed by the “appalling venues” in Jakarta and Singapore City.

 “Incontestably, the Morrissey Band is the best in the world. We have been repeatedly done over in recent years by slippery industry incompetents, yet we have always recovered our stride and bounced back like the sea – saving ourselves from those who wish us off the map. We are a disciplined ship and we succeed without any help from the music industry,” he said.

The diminishing appreciation for musical talent also contributed to his anger, “where only scale and enormity of cash is seen as evidence of talent.”

Although criticising aspects both behind and in front of the stage, Morrissey did shine some positive light on his tour. He ranked Philadelphia in the USA as the number one highlight, with two Australian cities making it in the top ten.

1. Philadelphia, USA.
2. Brooklyn, USA.
3. Hong Kong, CHINA.
4. Adelaide, AUSTRALIA.
5. Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.
6. Santa Barbara, USA.
7. Helsinki, FINLAND.
8. Manchester, ENGLAND.
9. Goteborg, SWEDEN.
10. Chicago, USA.
11. Newcastle, AUSTRALIA.
12. Berlin, GERMANY.
13. Salt Lake City, USA.
14. Tokyo, JAPAN (first night).
15. Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL.

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