Donald Trump doesn’t want these photos of himself on the internet, so please don’t spread them guys

Social media users: do not hold back when it comes to pushing the boundaries of Donald Trump’s temper.

Recently, the US President-elect asked for an unflattering photo of himself to be taken down by media companies. Instead, he unintentionally incited a challenge. Ironically, since asking for the photo to be removed, its numbers have multiplied dramatically (as if anything else would ever have happened).

Donald Trump Photoshop

Rich in amateur Photoshop skills, the revitalised photos of Donald Trump’s double chin are both dangerously hilarious and brutally disturbing.

From Jabba the Hutt to a picture of a wall around his face, some might say photos go beyond being a joke, and symbolise more about Tump’s character.

According to Politico, Trump recently had a meeting with 25 news company executives to initiate a “reset” between himself and the media to maintain a “cordial” and “productive” relationship. A particular focus was put on NBC for publishing the original unflattering photo, which emphasised a ‘double chin.’

While the media may reform its relationship with Trump, the internet doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of retirement. Manipulating photos of Trump has been one of the biggest trends in 2016.

Check out a whole list by BoredPanda and have a laugh at what Reddit citizens did: