Check out these insane winning shots from the TTL Nature Photographer Competition

The inaugural TTL Nature Photographer of the Year competition has announced its winners for 2020.

Nature photography allows us a brief glimpse into an infinite array of unique moments. They may range from a group of seals resting together on a single ice mass to a young owl startling at the sight of a predator.…nces-its-winners/

The TTL Nature Photographer of the Year competition has announced its winners. Take a look some of our favourite stunning snaps.

From over 7,000 entries, Florian Leydoux took home the overall prize for his aforementioned image, Above The Crabeater Seals. He bested Paul Holman, who took the runner-up prize.

The competition boasts a range of categories, from sprawling landscapes to macro moments, as well as an under 16s prize.

Marek Biegalski won Best Landscape for his shot of a flock of sheep shielding themselves from the Tuscan sun.

Meanwhile, the under 16s prize went to Saptarshi Gayan, who captured a drongo searching for insects amongst a sea of flames (pictured above).

You can check out some of our favourite picks below.…nces-its-winners/
Best Overall Photograph – Florian Leydoux, ‘Above the Crabeater Seals’…nces-its-winners/
Highly Commended – Dave Hudson…nces-its-winners/
Highly Commended – Dipanjan Pal…nces-its-winners/
Runner Up Overall – Paul Holman


Landscape Category Winner – Marek Biegalski


People’s Choice Winner – Robert Ferguson