Check out the winners from the 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have just announced their 2019 winners and honestly, I couldn’t be happier these awards get more popular every year.

With every industry in every country in every conceivable universe having an awards ceremony for ‘Best Designed Hat’ or ‘Shadiest Realtor in Sydney’s North-West’ you’d be completely forgiven for tuning out when hearing about an awards night that doesn’t start in “Oscar’s” or “Grammy’s.” And even then, who really cares when you now have the CWA’s in your life.

Photo By Sarah Skinner

Starting in 2015, The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are here and I promise they’ll stay. They’re too much fun not too.

Having covered the finalists for the 2017 CWA’s, we can confirm these keep getting bigger and better. This year’s competition was incredibly stiff, with a range of photographers coming up with giggle-worthy goods. Below are a few of our favourites:

Family Disagreement feels a little close to home:

Photo by Vlado Pirsa

Be like this seal. He seems like a good time:

This may be named Waltz Gone Wrong but we all know how popular eating ass is nowadays:

Photo by Alastair Marsh

This may not have won but it still deserves a place as your desktop background:

Photo by Anthony N Petrovich

When you get left by your significant otter:

Photo by Harry Walker

A couple of Mums after a few chardonnays:

Photo by Peter Haygarth

But the top prize was taken out by Sarah Skinner, with this absolute gem:

Photo By Sarah Skinner

Skinner won herself a week-long safari in Kenya for her efforts, where hopefully she’ll come up with some more incredible snaps. For more information on the good work The Comedy Wildlife Awards do, you can find them here.

It’s certainly worth a look.

Photo by George Cathcart