It’s that time of year again. Lose it to the winners of the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

If you’re a fan of Animals In Predicaments or just generally love watching animals go well beyond the sphere of normal behaviour, then the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are going to be right up your alley.

The winner of the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards received a safari to Kenya and a trophy handmade by disabled men and women in Tanzania… plus the knowledge they’ve just topped 3,500 total entries.

Revealing animals being absolute weirdos in their natural habitat, these entertaining photographs are everything from impossible facial expressions to animals acting like humans.

Taking home the winning prize was a photographer who entered four photographs of an owl losing its footing and falling off a branch, shot by Tibor Kercz.

Of the competition, co-founder of the project Paul Joynson-Hicks says, “It’s been a real success this year, the quality of images has improved substantially and we have had more entries and from more countries.”

The ‘Under The Sea’ prize went to Troy Mayne, who snapped a shot of a pissed off looking turtle slapping a passing fish. John Threlfall received a price for ‘In The Air’ for his image of four birds in the sky, one which looks as though it’s breaking the sound barrier. Andrew Zampatti received the prize for ‘On The Air’, for her snap of a happy-looking field mouse on a flower.

With more than 3,500 entries from 86 countries around the world, one can only imagine the comedic array of photographs that were submitted. Check out some of the winning shots below, or see the rest of the here.

Via IFL Science.