A vote just went down in the Norwegian parliament to decriminalise the use of illegal drugs

As Australia cracks down even harder on preventing drug use at festivals and events (to the point where sniffer dogs are roaming through kebab shops), a vote just went down in the Norwegian Parliament to decriminalise the use of Illegal drugs.

illegal drugs
Image credit: Illvet

Four out of nine parties voted in favour of the decriminalising users of illegal drugs. Support for the new movement totalled to 133 votes in favour of the new policy, out of  175.

With a goal to introduce change to the system, the new regulation doesn’t mean illegal drugs are now legal. The Norwegian Parliament is merely aiming to soften the penalty for drug users and especially drug addicts, meaning those caught using drugs such as MDMA, marijuana or cocaine will be sent to recover in rehabilitation services, instead of behind bars.

The change is a step forward in the right direction, sympathising with drug users and taking action to help them recover, rather than forcing them into (often) lifelong punishment.

Via Your EDM.