Tune into our next UNDERPROOF workshop: Marketing 101

Marketing is one of those essential tasks that every emerging band needs to tackle. This UNDERPROOF workshop guides you through the steps to develop your brand, how to plan your release properly and what you need to do to make your track stick!

Join Music Editor and host Tom Cameron and guest Lorelei frontwoman and Happy News Editor Claudia Schmidt as they take you through the dos and don’ts in marketing your band.

Underproof Marketing 101

Marketing 101: it’s an essential undertaking for every emerging band. Join Happy’s Tom Cameron and Claudia Schmidt as they guide you through successful band marketing.

This workshop’s talking points will include:

Branding: it’s a bit of a dirty word, but imperative to understand. Why does your band need a strong brand? How do you find an identity that sets you apart?

Marketing on a budget: what can you do to get your name out there as a young band on a budget? What kind of merchandise should you consider? To DIY or not to DIY?

Data and how to analyse it: how do you find your most dedicated fans? What tools can you use to harness powerful data? Plus, a few words on paid promotion.

Tune in for all this, plus special guests and more!