Want to master Social Media as a band? Tune in to our next Underproof Workshop!

Social Media. A blessing and a curse upon all musicians. Yes, everyone loves to share a hot photo of themselves up on the big stage, but nailing your socials can really start to feel like a job when you have merch, shows, releases, and more to promote.

Moreover, most artists are flying blind. Our next Underproof Workshop is aimed at emerging bands who need a helping hand when it comes to Social Media and Band Awareness. Get in the know!

Underproof Workshop: Social Media and Band Awareness

As a musician, Social Media is one of your most essential tools. Find out how to take the internet by the horns at our next Underproof Workshop.

Underproof is a yearly initiative run by Happy Mag and the Northern Beaches Council, giving 5 bands with under 500 Facebook likes the chance to play alongside a massive Aussie headliner. In the lead-up to that show on June 26th 2021, we’ve also been running online workshops aimed at emerging bands from Sydney’s Northern Beaches and beyond. The workshops are broadcast live on Facebook, meaning anyone can join in.

Topics we’ve already covered include Releasing and Promoting Independently, Marketing 101, and Demoing and Recording at Home. This coming Tuesday we’ll be tackling Social Media and Band Awareness.

The workshop goes down on Tuesday 5 May from 6pm AEST, with Happy Mag’s Managing Director Radi Safi and Music Editor Tom Cameron leading the chat. Tyler Bell from The Sauce, who creates social content and also acts as tour manager to Ocean Alley, will also be phoning in to drop some knowledge.

Check out all the info for the upcoming Underproof Workshop below, and respond ‘Going’ to the Facebook Event to stay updated.

Underproof Workshop: Social Media and Band Awareness

Tuesday 5 May from 6pm
Live on Happy Mag’s Facebook

Want your band to play the Underproof show on November 14th? Enter the running here.