Tusi unleashes a slice of reggae bliss on his latest single 'Show the World'

Tusi unleashes a slice of reggae bliss on his latest single ‘Show the World’

On his latest release, Tusi pushes away the negativity of this year and ushers in an endless summer of carefree love.

With only four singles under belt, Tusi is already renowned for his ability to write songs that overflow with charisma and flow. His latest single is certainly no exception.

Show the World is a smooth and fresh reggae hit that serves up the hit of positivity we’ve been lacking this year. Blending a sweltering bass line, sandy keys, and steel drums with a hip-hop paced flow, the Melbourne local has delivered a sunny track to soundtrack the rest of your summer.


Tusi is no stranger to writing utterly addictive tracks. Although Show the World is a new sound for the artist, the summery fusion of reggae and hip-hop is so air-tight that you would think it was his bread and butter.

Blending an earthy rhythm section, searing melodies, with the added freshness of hip-hop-laced vocals, Show the World echoes with positivity. It’s a beat that makes you want to sing along, hit the beach, and soak up the summer sun all in one fiery package.

“With all the negativity surrounding the world, I had an idea of trying to make something positive with a happy reggae tone,” the artist explains about the song. “The track aims to boost motivation and unite everybody around the nation.”

Let down your hair and jam along to Show the World below: