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Twisted-Electrons MEGAfm: retro gaming sounds at your fingertips

Twisted-Electrons have announced the MEGAfm synthesiser, an exciting new FM synth built around the Sega Mega Drive’s YM2612 sound chip.

The Sega Mega Drive appears to be in the middle of a resurgence, with Inphonik recreating a cycle-accurate version of the YM2612 as a plugin, and Look Mum No Computer’s incredible homemade Sega Mega Drive Synthesiser. Now, the Twisted-Electrons MEGAfm is making a move in the FM synth market, offering the classic retro Sega sound in an easy to operate console.Twisted-Electrons MEGAfm

The Twisted-Electrons MEGAfm harnesses the classic sound chip of the Sega Mega Drive for a retro FM synth sound with extensive parameter control.

The YM2612 sound chip has six voices, four operators per voice, and eight algorithms – the MEGAfm features two of these chips, for a total of 12 voices, across one or two outputs for mono or stereo output.

Classic FM synths such as the Yamaha DX7 are notoriously difficult to program, so the MEGAfm dispenses with the limited tactile controls typically found on FM synths, and replaces them with a full array of controls.

The MEGAfm features 32 operators faders, 14 knobs and 15 buttons, offering a massive and diverse sound palette covering a huge range of FM sounds. For even more control, every knob and fader on the MEGAfm can be modulated by three LFOs.

The MEGAfm offers a seven mode arpeggiator with a step sequencer, as well as vibrato controls for depth and rate. It features full MIDI automation as well as MIDI input, MIDI clocks, and the option to control other FM synths, as all faders and knobs send MIDI. The MEGAfm also has the capacity to store 100 presets that can be uploaded or downloaded to and from computers, plus the ability to randomise presets.

The Twisted-Electrons MEGAfm looks to be a really interesting synth for fans of the sounds of retro gaming. The MEGAfm is available for preorder, shipping in early March, and retails for 474. For more information, see Twisted-Electrons.