UAFX: Universal Audio's trilogy of effects pedals
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UAFX: Universal Audio’s trilogy of effects pedals

Universal Audio is no stranger to the studio, but they’ve yet to conquer the pedalboard. Until now. Meet the UAFX line of stompboxes.

Universal Audio is a brand that needs little introduction, but then again, maybe they do if you’re purely a guitarist. The company has launched a trio of stompboxes that’s sure to garner a lot of attention amongst the pedalheads out there.

Lauded by the company as “60 Years of Analog Tone. At Your Feet.”, the UAFX suite encompasses reverb (the Golden Reverberator), delay (Starlight Echo Station) and modulation (Astra Modulation Machine).

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Much like their tube-driven outboard gear and plugins, Universal Audio has definitely kept it old-school with the UAFX series.

The Golden Reverberator is modelled on three vintage reverb tanks, plate reverbs and even early digital reverb units.

The Starlight Echo Station dishes up ancient, lo-fi tape delays, all the way to pristine digital echoes. In between, you’ll find a host of classic bucket brigade designs that hark back to the ’70s.

In the Astra Modulation Machine, you’ll find classic bucket brigade choruses and vibratos, analog flanging and doubling, and lush tremolo with sine and square wave modes.

The classy trio of new pedals is set to arrive in autumn. Check out Universal Audio for further details.