Global artist collective UBU release tribute album in honour of co-founder Marco Trinchillo

UBU present their tribute record by artists from many different places in life that have been touched by Marco Trinchillo’s influence

An umbrella term for all artists to create under, UBU brings together the musicians Hannah Saunders, FRNQ, Nicola Biondi, Pieralberto Valli, Hellis, Cleats, Luca Parma, Emma Perrot, Enzo Moretto, Francesca Amati, and Pieralberto Valli who each perform on the record. 

A project that now overflows with its roster of artists, UBU began as a side project for Marco Trinchillo and Mattia Mercuriali. In the wake of his passing, the collective present their tribute record to honour Trinchillo’s contribution to their music and artistry.

The record was produced  by UBU and Franco Naddei at ‘L’Amor Mio Non Muore’ studio in Forli, Italy. After recording and on the verge of completing the mixing, Trinchillo sadly suddenly passed away.

The eleven track record now aims to convey the collectives heartache in facing this loss, and their gratitude in being known and knowing Trinchillo. 

The album opens with a dramatic alternative track featuring Hannah Saunders, skeleton style piano and Saunders husky vocal are the hallmarks of ‘Static.’

Seductive, electronic track that turns part ballad ‘Over’ featuring FRNQ comes next, holding onto the theatrical tone set by Saunders and remaining heavy on the emotion.

‘Distress Steam’ featuring Nicola Biondi is a jazz infused track with brush stroke drums and spoken word poetry atop delicate piano. A personal favourite, this track is explorative and experimental.

‘Forest Guy’ featuring Pierablerto Valli follows suit, keeping with the intensity and unusual production. A fractured banjo and subtle production mix with Valli’s deep spoken word to make for an interestingly hypnotic experience. ‘

Between The Bars’ featuring Hellis is an immensely dramatic cover of the Elliot Smith track. With strings and piano and Hellis’s SOAK/Billie Eilish-esque vocal, it makes for a uniquely memorable and haunting experience.

‘Fall’ featuring Cleats is again uneasy, a blend of pop and dark electronica, vaguely reminiscent of Radiohead in its production.

‘Flower’ featuring Luca Parma is a funky, jazz fusion moment blended with modern pop.

‘Romance’ featuring Emma Perrot is sensual and bubbly, the first song on the track to feature a language other than English – French, in this case.

‘Alloro’ featuring Enzo Moretto is a soft plea of a track, again leaning into the electronic production featured heavily throughout the album. ‘SIEL’ featuring Francesca Amati is experimental and intriguing, fit for a seductive thriller soundtrack.

The final track, again featuring Valli, is ‘Lost’. Spacious, alternative electronic pop that feels like a tropical James Blake, this track leaves more to be desired while gently closing the door.

An incredible album, and a tribute to be proud of, UBU is a resounding success.

Listen to the album in full below.