Ukraine’s official Twitter account jokes about threat of Russian invasion

Ukraine’s official Twitter account has been sharing memes calling out Russia.

The account has been poking fun at the very real potential of a Russian invasion by posting a few heavily Russian-focused memes over the last week.

While many people have seen this as a questionable and potentially provocative move, it’s likely been done to try and spread awareness of the shitty situation Ukraine is currently in.

Image: Twitter

Recent satellite images have shown that up to 100,000 Russian troops have been deployed near Russia’s western border which they share with the eastern border of Ukraine.

The satellite images also appeared to show large amounts of military equipment, including tanks and artillery, which have been positioned towards the Russia-Ukraine border.

This activity has prompted Ukraine, the US, the EU and NATO to believe Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine, although the Kremlin has denied the claims.

Moscow called the invasion talk “hysteria” with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, saying he sees Ukraine’s developing alliance with Western countries as a threat to Russia’s national security.

He also commented that any move made by Ukraine to try to join NATO or to host NATO missiles would be totally unacceptable.

However, the threat of invasion is still high for Ukraine.

So much so that US President Joe Biden warned Putin of economic sanctions which would be imposed if Russia carries out their expected invasion. He also spoke of providing military aid to Ukraine in the case that something like this happens.

Biden told Putin the US “would respond with strong economic and other measures in the event of military escalation” during a video call the pair had on Tuesday.

Biden is expected to talk with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the coming days.