WATCH: Ukrainian comedian’s hilarious set from inside a bomb shelter

Ukrainian comedian Anton Tymoshenko has been working hard to lift spirits in his home country as the entire nation is effected by the Russian invasion.

From fundraising efforts, to simply providing much-needed comic relief for residents, stand up comedy is thriving right now in Ukraine.

Many comedians are performing online, while others are taking the in-person route, performing anywhere that it’s safe to do so, such as bomb shelters.

That’s exactly what comedian Anton Tymoshenko has been doing, and he’s uploaded one of his entire 15 minute sets on YouTube.

The caption to the video reads: “This is my first stand-up in English, sorry for mistakes. I wrote it in a week, so sorry if it’s not funny. I was in a hurry to avoid death.”

A fair bit of the set follows a similar tone, doing his best to make light of the conflict in his native country. Tymoshenko even throws in a joke suggesting that anyone wants to live “in the present” should head over to Ukraine, because you could die at any second.

Watch the full set below.