Did Pete Davidson get a tattoo for Kim Kardashian’s kids?

Photos have emerged showing Pete Davidson with a new tattoo on his neck which people reckon are a tribute to Kim Kardashians children.

The internet is divided after photos of Pete Davidson’s new tattoo saw the light of day, showing that the comedian has Kim Kardashian’s children’s initials permanently written on his neck.

In case you’re not around the whole Kim K, Pete Davidson romance, the couple have been dating for less than a year. The first rumours of their relationship only began in October, 2021.

Pete Davidson Kims kids names tattoo
Credit: Backgrid

The tattoo reads “knscp” which fans (understandably) have hypothesised stands for Kim, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

Of course, some people think that Pete’s new tattoo is kinda weird. But hey, there are others who reckon the is sweet, so that has to count for something.

And the jokes that have emerged from the situation are top notch.

But to make things even more interesting, Kanye West is the father to all of Kim’s children, and we don’t even need to mention why this tattoo could stir up a bit of controversy.

Davidson also has Kim’s name tattooed on his body, plus another tribute to her that reads: “My Girl Is A Lawyer”.

But whether you think the tattoo was a good idea or not, surely everyone agrees that it’s just nice to see them happy together.