Ukulele Death Squad: Spreading Joy with ‘Til The Death’ EP and Exciting European Tour

Aussie folk seven-piece Ukulele Death Squad to set sail on European tour, backed by captivating new EP Til The Death

Get ready to be uplifted by the joyful melodies and surprising musical concoctions of Til The Death, the latest EP from the talented seven-piece Aussie folk ensemble known as Ukulele Death Squad.

Having already delighted fans with an album and three singles released between 2018 and 2023, the Squad is now embarking on an exciting European tour. This adventure allows them to test their new EP tracks in foreign lands while revisiting beloved favourites that their dedicated fans can’t get enough of.

Ukulele Death Squad

“Writing and recording this EP was an incredibly enjoyable experience”, explains Squad member and spokesperson Reuben Legge.

“[Its creation] allowed us to explore playful soundscapes across various genres.” Legge’s bandmate Matthew Barker provided lead vocals for Til The Death, explaining that the song “fulfils all your sing-along, sea shanty fantasies…undoubtedly awakening your inner pirate”.

Switching between styles with the irreverent deftness of a shapeshifting band like Ween, Ukulele Death Squad present folk, blues, Mexican mariachi horns and subtle hints of flamenco in their Til The Death EP, which also serves as the namesake for their upcoming European tour which contains festival dates in the UK, Germany and Belgium.

Ukulele Death Squad tour

In their new current lineup, Ukulele Death Squad’s Til The Death tour will also be their first overseas venture since 2018, and the first tour for this revamped band. 

As Ukulele Death Squad explain, “almost every song on the EP was written collaboratively, with the single ’Til The Death’ featuring 4 songwriters…it was a lot of fun to write and record, and it’s very exciting to share our new songs, which we’ve developed on the road.”

Keep your eye holes peeled for the release of the new music video dropping on the 11th, titled ‘Down’, which weaves a dark Australian tale of love, death and betrayal.

With their rich range of influences and their energy-rich levels of musicianship, its no surprise that Ukulele Death Squad have captured the attention of audiences at festivals such as Adelaide’s WOMAD and the National Folk Festival in Canberra. 

As Til The Death proves, they have no intention of slowing down. Check out their EP blelow, and get ready for their thumping rhythms, soulful vocals and outrageous ukulele and sax solos. 

Review By Corin Shearston