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Purafied Audio Plugins: Add Some Incredible Emulation and Parallel Compression to Your Music

Purafied Audio’s two mixing plugins: SLP 538 – A Stunning Analogue EQ Emulator & Micro Limiter AKA your new BFF for Parallel Processing.

Founded by producer and engineer Sam Pura in Freemont, California, Purafied Audio offers some world-class plugins including their “VU Compressor”, “Liquid Death Snare” and “DeathWestern” amp cab simulator.

The UI of the SLP 538 is pulled straight out of an analogue console, with a gorgeous, worn aesthetic to match! This thing works on everything we put it on, and boy, does it work like a charm! The SLP 538 EQ instantly adds that smooth sparkle to drums, bass, and acoustic guitar buses, giving the mix a magical touch. And guess what? It’s super easy to use!

With its curated factory presets, mixing becomes a breeze, and you can quickly find the perfect sound to increase your workflow. The SLP 538 embodies all the classic features of analogue EQ, including Phase Inversion, Low, Low Mid, High Mid, and High Frequencies, each with its own gain knob. And don’t forget the filter frequency for low and high pass filters!

The SLP 538 goes beyond traditional hardware consoles with its labour-saving features. You can click and type in precise values, toggle between A/B to compare any changes, and even undo/redo for modern flexibility. The THD knob controls the saturation and harmonic distortion, adding that beautiful analogue air to your sound.

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Here’s the real hero: the Auto Gain feature. It’s like having a personal assistant that compensates for your EQ adjustments by automatically adjusting the gain, ensuring a consistent volume output. Say goodbye to volume discrepancies and hello to focused tone shaping!

For those balanced and focused mixes that can rival its hardware competitors, the SLP 538 EQ lets you make precise and creative decisions. It’s a game-changer!

But wait, there’s more to Purafied’s plugin smorgasbord! Introducing their Micro Limiter, inspired by a legendary hardware unit from the late 80s and early 90s. This baby lives up to its name and then some! With just three main controls—Input, Release, and Output—LED indicators, A/B toggle, and factory presets, it’s a compact powerhouse.

And guess what? The magic of Purafied’s Auto Gain feature extends to the Micro Limiter too! It drives the input without increasing the volume, automatically turning down the output for a perfectly balanced blend. Whether you’re parallel processing or adding that extra life and presence to your mixes, the Micro Limiter is your secret weapon. It preserves those delicate transients and takes your sound to the next level!

The SLP 538 EQ retails for an affordable 46 AUD and is available for online download.

Micro Limiter is also available online for 31 AUD, you can check it out here.

For more information visit their website purafied.com